Committee Members

Parish Council Trustees of the Pinder Recreational Trust as of 12th May 2014

  Chairman:Cliff James 278120  
Treasurer:Chris Saintsaint9jp@btinternet.com01635 278560
  Briony Canning
  Geoff Morton
  Ian Findlay
  Peter Harvey
  Richard Carrow
  Roger Bulter
  Sandra Whiting

A watercolour of Portal Hall by Chairman Miggie Bruce. The Pinder Recreational Trust (registered No. 267646) is the charity that functions as a Management Committee to manage the lands and property that is entrusted to the Parish of Burghclere of which the Burghclere Parish Council is the Sole Trustee and Legal entity. The Pinder Recreational Trust is solely funded by income from lets and local fund raising. We would welcome any thoughts you may have on how we may be able to improve our service or facilities. All donations are welcomed either directly or through the Good Exchange for a specific current project.

Donations welcome.